"Solving The SDR Attrition Problem"


A great Sales Development Rep is a hard worker, experienced, and intuitive...

They know where to look, they know exactly what to say, and they know how to research and find real connections for your team... For the longest time, these qualities were difficult to teach. The reason is simple: really good SDRs want to get promoted to an AE position or they move to another company leaving your worst SDRs to do this crucial job right.

And if outbound is an important part of your business, it is impossible to scale until you solve the SDR attrition problem... however, we have some good news for you:

Our customers enjoy the efforts of a new kind of SDR: the Sales Development Robot. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this SDR doesn't sleep, is constantly improving, is dependable and most importantly: consistent... we've trained our SDR program from the highest converting techniques of the top ranked SDRs in the world because it's important to stay ahead of the competition. 

How would you feel if you knew that the best SDR in the world had your back? If you're anything like our other customers, I bet you would breath a little easier and sleep a little better knowing that you had the SDR attrition problem handled for good. And the ROI agrees. Our clients see huge improvements in the performance and motivation of their Sales Team, most of all... In fact, we achieve higher open rates, reply rates, and we get more opportunities than the average SDR team. And here's the good news: it's all scalable.

We know: It's not just what your SDR says... it's when they say it, why they say it, and most importantly it's who they are to your prospect... Request a Demo and learn how we can help you solve the SDR attrition problem with the support of our Machine Learning connection algorithm. 

Let Us Refine Your Ideal Customer Profile

Account based sales development means starting with your ideal customer profile and finding accounts that are a perfect match for your product strategy.

Outbound Works starts with careful analysis of your Salesforce/CRM data and your customer success data to locate 16 factors (rather than the 2 or 3 that is common) to derive the most specific definition possible, so that you never have to wade through unqualified leads.

The result is an actionable Ideal Customer Profile that can be used to select and prioritize the accounts that are worth developing into opportunities.

1000s of Look-alike Accounts

The Outbound Works platform automatically sources thousands of accounts that match your ideal customer profile from multiple data sources including:

• Our proprietary database of 50 million business decision makers
• Dunn & Bradstreet
• HG Data
• 18 other data sources

Acquire and Validate
All Relevant Data

Account-centric sales development means that you have to know a lot about each account. Not just the size, location and industry. And your data has to be accurate and up-to-date.

"Over 50% of the data in most CRMs is out of date or invalid, and over 30% of the data purchased from most data providers is just plain wrong." -Ben Sardella, Co-founder Datanyze and OutboundWorks.

The OutboundWorks platform automatically acquires and validates up to 5 types of data for each account:

Firmographic Data including hard-to-identify markers like "B2B", "e-commerce", and "early adopter" and time-based signals such as "recent leadership change" and "recent funding round".

Demographic Data including preferred communication methods and times-of-day for most decision makers.

Technographic Data including technology installed on site and used in the home office.

Social Data including possible introduction paths, preferred social platforms, and sentiment analysis of tweets, posts, and blogs.

Personalization Data including any other information about interests, professional focus, career path, or relationships that can be used to establish authentic rapport quickly.

Develop and Test
Value-Driven Messaging

Q: Are email marketing and cold calling dead?

A: Business decision makers will always make time for the things they value most.

Here's what's dead: Sending out messages that don't take into account the values and priorities of your customers and hoping that they will care about your agenda.

What's very much alive is direct, casual, and authentic outreach messages via email, social, text, and phone. The OutboundWorks platform takes elements of your unique voice, tone, and style and joins the conversation your prospects are already having inside their own heads about what's most important to them.

Each Unique Message

The OutboundWorks platform uses 3-Tier Personalization on every message.

Industry-based personalization tailors each message to current events and concerns such as growth statistics, technology trends, and common priorities.

Account-based personalization tailors each message to company specific attributes such as size, position in the market, hiring rate and growth rate.

Individual-based personalization tailors each message with information such as role, the length of time in the job and social data.

Split Test

The Outbound Works platform never sends a message to an account without split-testing something. In the course of a campaign, new assumptions will continually be validated through testing:

• Account Strategy
• Entry Point
• Support Material

• Communication Channel
• Email Subject Lines
• Email Body Text
• Message Length

• Calls To Action
• Call Scripts
• Tone and Icebreakers
• Qualification Questions

Fill Your Funnel
With Targeted Accounts

The number of sales tools (we call them gadgets) that claim to use "Artificial Intelligence" to give you an edge has exploded by more than 1,000% in the last 3 years. Most of them have forgotten that the essential job of the sales person is the same:

To create meaningful relationships with the right people at the right companies so that the maximum value can be exchanged between you and your customers.

In short, to get deals.

The Outbound Works platform delivers high quality opportunities to you at scale. Humans and technology working hand in hand to fill your funnel with targeted accounts.

What Are Your Options?

Ramp Speed

Data Acquisition

Brand Consistency


Performance Risk
And Effort


Do It Yourself

6-24 Months

Trial and Error


Depends on Your

High in year 1 and 2

$120k FTE *plus*
Data, Training

Hire Account-Based Consultants

6-12 Months

Trial and Error

Great Strategy
Uneven Execution


Competing Priorities
Creates Risk

$50k + For
Strategy Only

Hire Out-Sourced
Lead Gen Company

1-2 Months

Usually Poor Quality

High Risk
Low Sensitivity


Reputation for Poor Performance

(but at what cost?)

30 Days or Less

Spearheaded by
Industry Leaders

Great Strategy
Flawless Execution


Low Effort
Flawless Record

40% Less
Than 1 FTE