Scale Your Successful Outbound Efforts

When you’ve been running outbound campaigns and need to scale you know it will take time. You’ll need to write an ad, accept applications for several weeks, and begin the hiring process. This often takes weeks of time as you bounce back and forth between candidates, call for references, compare metrics, and hold multiple interviews.

Once you have the perfect candidate(s) you’ll give them time to put in a notice at their current job, then begin the lengthy training process. And according to some studies, it takes about 3 months for a new rep to ramp up. Altogether, you are several months in before you start seeing appointments set, and the return on investment takes even longer to realize. 

But with today’s technology and our expertise at OutboundWorks, you can scale your outbound efforts within a few short weeks. In fact, all of our clients start seeing new appointments within their first month.

Here’s How We Ramp Up Your Scaling Efforts

We work with the data and success you already have to ramp up efforts in just a couple of weeks. This includes the research on your ICP, copywriting, and personalization.

We start with your ICP. We need to fully understand who your ideal prospect is so we can match them while searching for data. We use our tools to find accounts that match up to 16 data points. This can be industry, job title, location, time in a position, tools used, time since funding, time since acquisition, amount or level of funding, investors, number of employees, and more.

With this information we build a customized email series for each account. We use our 3 tier approach to personalization to gain interest and engagement from your prospect. Our goal is to give them enough information to get their attention and intrigue them enough to agree to an appointment. When we get responses and a request for a call we work with you to set the appointment.

We guarantee 15 set appointments every month, once you are set up (within the first 3 weeks). This beats the ramp up time of 3-4 months for new SDRs and increases your growth now instead of several months down the road.

Set up a demo today with one of our founders and see how we scale outbound efforts quickly.