Discover Greenfield Markets

Entering New Markets Is Expensive & Time Intensive

Expanding your business means testing new markets. But when doing this with outbound sales, the investment is time intensive. It taking months to begin and even longer to see any returns. It’s also expensive to procure data, research the new market, and train your reps on new/varied approaches.

This, of course, makes simply testing a new market a difficult, but necessary, gamble.

And, they are dozens, if not more, of these markets to try such as different geographic locations, South America, EMEA, Australia, or even distinct metropolitan areas, all before you explore other viable uses of your product.

As if going into a new market wasn’t difficult enough, it’s also a challenge because you don’t know how your product or sales and messaging will resonate. Chances are your team doesn’t understand how to speak to the market in a language that will respond.

It’s Frustrating When You Can’t Crack A New Market

This sometimes leads to not being able to crack into the market, not because the product isn’t applicable, but because you don’t have the high-quality sales execution.

This leaves teams frustrated by results. Is it that the marketing didn’t work? Did your sales strategy somehow not deliver? Was the product wrong for the market?

After this lengthy exercise, you can’t tell why it didn’t work, and you haven’t learned anything from the experiment.

Therefore, venturing into greenfield markets is a necessity for growth, but often an obstacle to handle.

OutboundWorks Can Help

But, OutboundWorks makes discovering greenfield markets less intense for your team.

We help our clients implement testing of new markets regularly. With our expedited approach to outbound sales, we get campaigns up and running within a couple of weeks.

More than that, we are able to approach multiple new markets at any given time as our process includes using several data processes that severely speed up ramp time.

We have trusted data suppliers, extensive networks, access to millions of contacts, and match leads with up to 16 data points. We also send thousands of emails every week with our existing clients so we know what is working today, in the markets you are already considering.

We can quickly create campaigns that get in front of the right contacts in the market. When we handle the sales execution and messaging, the results are a true reflection of how the market is responding to your product. You’ll know what is and isn’t working.

Take a few moments to request a demo and one of our team members will show you what is possible when approaching greenfield markets with humans and technology working together.