Scott Smith, CRO

OutboundWorks is the AWS of Sales Development, I can spin up an SDR server and scale it to whatever levels I need…

Scott Smith, CRO CloudApp

Cloudapp is a secure enterprise-level screen recorder that brings video, webcam, screenshot annotation, and GIF creation to the cloud to increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott Smith, the CRO for CloudApp, to get his feedback on the results from using OutboundWorks so far. “I only work with people I genuinely like, with a team that pushes me,” says Scott.. He joined CloudApp after seeing that they share his passion for offering an exciting product that people love. Psychology studies suggest that the human brain processes images 60,000x faster than text. By using CloudApp’s visual communication tools, both businesses and individuals work quicker and with more efficiency.

The Problem: 

“We assume that the people who use our app will be a funnel to find other people who want to use our app,” says Scott, “but if we go out and buy the right data we have to consider so many things: we have to make sure the bounce rate isn’t too high, we have to pay for an email service, we have to make sure they don’t send too many emails in one day, that they are sending highest converting messages, that they follow up properly…” This is a frustrating process and SDR attrition makes it virtually impossible to get ahead of this curve. When a trained SDR moves to another position,, they leave a dip in sales behind them as the next SDR is being trained...

“At first we thought we could just hire this out and we brought on people to do it, but the results weren’t great and it wasn’t reliable enough for us.” CloudApp tried everything to solve this, “Literally every week we looked at open and replies... industry standards are low and we want to make it better. I wanted to experiment to craft the best email messages based on testing data and not on guesswork…”

New SDRs need a lot of training before they can give a solid return on the investment you’ve made in their education. “I get one or two messages a week on slack from each of my SDRs…” says Scott. “And pretty much every SDR asks you a million questions and it just takes too much time to manage them... and if you don’t manage them, their productivity goes down steadily over time...”

The Solution: 

“I went to an Outreach conference in Napa but I wasn’t open to considering outbound efforts at the time. Later, I tried outsourced services but I was looking for a permanent solution.”

Because of the urgency and importance of this problem, much research went into the solution. “We have sophisticated team and he wanted to a/b test our outbound solutions,” says Scott, “so we researched our options and chose to test them against each other.” After connecting to a member of the OutboundWorks team, we decided to give it a try.

The Results:

“OutboundWorks was the clear winner and now we have them looking at outbound for us and we moved our SDRs in-house to look at customer outreach through our current customers.” This combination is creative and sustainable: with OutboundWorks, your SDRs can expand into your current accounts and find references through referrals instead of dumping all of their efforts into a goal that can be handled by the intelligent automation system of OutboundWorks.

“Since we have started this, we’ve doubled our users, doubled our revenue, and double our business accounts beyond 1,000. From an impact perspective, using OutboundWorks has given us a big advantage.”

Having the SDR attrition problem under control can clear up a lot of extra energy. “When I go on vacation next week I know you guys will still be working. You’ve predictably doubled our pipeline since we’ve started… in fact, we just closed another one yesterday…”

“I don’t have to manage a bunch of different systems and tools, my open rates are good, optimization is good, and you’re targeting the right people. As a result of using OutboundWorks with our team, we’ve generated over $400k MRR consistently, without attrition.”