Get Noticed By Centralized Sales Teams

When you are responsible for a handful of products in a catalog of thousands of products, it can often be difficult to get in front of your sales team.

They are busy selling the products they know, the products that sell well, and those that are easy upsells.

They have a reason for being specific about what they push when they are on the phone with prospects – their metrics. They want to hit their numbers and the best way to do that is by selling what performs well.

You, on the other hand, need to get their attention, and make sure your product(s) are part of their goals.

But how?

Use OutboundWorks to get appointments on their calendars.

We’ve worked with multiple clients who need to get the attention of large sales teams. We’ve used proprietary testing approaches that not only get their attention but bring them to you as a warm lead.

And a scheduled sales appointment from this campaign will be dedicated to your product. Not only will the sales team HAVE to sell your product, but when you’ve gotten their attention multiple times and the deals close they’ll start pushing your product(s) even more.

So, let’s get started.

You can rely on our team to get the attention you need to hit your own goals. We have the expertise and access to advanced technology and tools to organize your campaigns.

It takes time, focus, and significant amounts of data analysis to identify who to contact, when to send the emails, and how to write a subject that gets your email opened, and even more importantly the message that will get a reply. But we have experts in all of these areas, to guarantee you get the appointments you need to push your product

And our data abilities go further than advanced testing, we use up to 16 data points to find the best contacts for your campaigns.

We have the strategies you need to start pushing your products and compete against other products vying for attention so you can win. We have actually validated this approach with Fortune 500 companies in tech and manufacturing.

Request a demo with one of our sales reps and we’ll set up a call this week to show you exactly how you’ll get noticed by the top reps in your company.