the wrong way to use AI in your sales messaging

The Wrong Way to Use AI in Your Sales Messaging – and What to Do Instead

AI is finding its way into ever more sales teams’ workflows. If you’ve ever thought that there’s a lot more talk about AI than there is actual implementation, you are on the money. There’s an industry-wide mismatch between our stated expectations of AI and our involvement with it. According to Demandbase, just under 80% of…

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Take the Guesswork out of Prospecting with Data Driven Customer Discovery

Take the Guesswork out of Prospecting with Data-Driven Customer Discovery

Sales organizations struggle to prospect effectively because they don’t know their target customer well enough. Customer discovery is the process of identifying and learning about potential buyers before starting to sell to them. But it can only work if you have a deep understanding of the accounts you’re targeting. For most sales organizations that means…

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AI Machine Learning and Automation Will Impact Your Business in 2018

7 Ways AI, Machine Learning and Automation Will Impact Your Business in 2018

AI is taking over tasks from human workers and creating new value for businesses by doing tasks human workers could never do. This isn’t something that will happen – it’s been going on for some time. But this year it’s reaching a critical mass as basic automation measures have become widespread, while more advanced AI…

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The Argument for Automation-at-Every-Stage-of-the-Sales-Process

The Argument for Automation at Every Stage of the Sales Process

Some sales activities can’t or shouldn’t be automated. A lot of what salespeople do depends on their human professional judgment, and besides, clients can’t foster relationships with AI enabled bots. Meetings, calls and conversations are person-to-person, whatever the industry, product and account size, and they likely always will be. But other sales activities fit the…

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Want to send human sales messages? You need a robot.

Sending human-sounding emails and other sales messages aren’t best done by robots, obviously. But it’s actually not best done by humans either. Ideally, both are used. There are two parts to winning sales messages: preparation and performance. Muhammad Ali famously observed that he had never won a fight in the ring. Instead, he said, ‘the…

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