Albert Chou, VP of Sales

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Albert Chou, VP of Sales AddShoppers

AddShoppers is a tool that helps ecommerce sites recover customers automatically and increases sales. They are growing fast (350% growth per year on average) and it's important for them to connect with the right personas at the right companies to show the value of their offer.

The Problem: 

AddShoppers relies on new leads for growth and so they take an account centric approach to growing and nurturing their pipeline. Since AddShoppers has put much of their focus on perfecting their product, they didn't have a reliable way to generate consistent qualified leads.

Our goal: to increase qualified appointments for their sales team without increasing their work load.

The Solution: 

The OutboundWorks team created an ideal customer profile (ICP) and began sourcing account and contact data for companies that would be the perfect next customer for AddShoppers. We then created hyper-personalized messaging that was unique for each contact we engaged on behalf of AddShoppers. And finally, testing was incorporated for constant learning and optimization of results.


"We got our first few appointments right away," said Albert Chou. OutboundWorks began delivering qualified meetings to the AddShoppers sales team as soon as the funnel was set up. AddShoppers continues to scale with OutboundWorks taking the savings they now are recognizing from no longer needing to hire as many SDRs, and shifting those budget dollars to hiring more AEs. As a result, they are able to increase their overall revenue goals without any additional expense. "We have no cap because we are willing to pay for every single ICP meeting, whatever OutboundWorks can send us, we trust and accept."