Love Above All

Transparency And Authenticity


Highest Standards Of Excellence

Aggressive Performance Targets

100% Do:Say Ratio


Bryan Franklin

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Bryan has been a top leadership consultant, mentor and growth expert, coaching top level executives at start-ups and Fortune 1000s (including at Apple, Logitech, Google, Cisco, SAP, and LinkedIn) taking 8 of them from modest start-ups to over $1 billion in sales or valuation.

Ben Sardella

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

Ben was the first sales rep at NetSuite (IPO 2007) and brought 2 winning sales teams all the way to successful exits. Most recently Ben co-founded Datanyze, the leader in technographics, which is used by over 50,000 sales development reps


Anders Fredriksson

Head of Product

Anders was named the “Most Prominent Internet Entrepreneur” in Sweden by Internet World (2007). Anders co-founded in 2014 to bring automated personalization into the sales development market. OutboundWorks acquired Hexa in 2018.

Stefan Kang

VP of Finance

Stefan serves as VP Finance, leading financial reporting and strategic planning decisions for the company. Stefan has served as an operator, investor and adviser for leading growth and cloud/SaaS companies. Prior to joining OutboundWorks, Stefan was VP Finance at ProsperWorks, the leading SaaS CRM for GSuite.

Gary Lister

Head of Engineering

Gary holds a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science and Cybernetics from the University of Reading, UK. He's passionate about building inclusive engineering teams and shipping software that breaks new ground. He has lead teams from startups all the way to FTSE 10 companies and most recently held the position of CTO at SaaS startup

Brendan Short

VP Sales and Customer Success

Brendan has been on the sales side of B2B SaaS businesses as a rep, manager, director and VP. He co-founded and was the CEO of, a "scratch-your-own-itch" business that was built to solve the pain of doing hyper-personalization at scale for sales reps, through AI. Outboundworks acquired in February of 2018, and Brendan joined as VP Sales.