Quick-Start Outbound Sales Effort

Mature B2B companies get at least 80% of their revenue from outbound sales efforts. Setting up account-centric outbound sales is a daunting and time exhaustive effort. It requires deep analysis of ideal target personas, data acquisition, usage, intensely personalized email approaches, choice technology options, and more.

Then you’ll need to handle the internal implications of implementation as well such as continued training and education, hiring, management, and costs of data and technology.

Implementing an outbound sales effort can easily take upwards of 6 months to start and 2 years before your system is comfortably optimized for ROI.

We at OutboundWorks suggest our outbound sales approach to quick-start your efforts. We’ll have your outbound sales program running in weeks. We guarantee warm monthly leads that can immediately be handed over to your Account Executives.

This process not only ensures your program ramps up quickly but it is more cost-effective, and in our clients’ experiences, a stronger converting outbound process than the average in-house solution. Our emails are opened at up to 86% consistently, while the highest industry average in the HubSpot State of Inbound Report was 47%.

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