Discover Greenfield Markets

Expanding your business means testing new markets. But when doing this with outbound sales, the investment is time intensive, taking months to begin and even longer to see any returns, and expensive for the costs of procuring data, researching the new market, and training your reps on new/varied approaches.

This, of course, makes simply testing a new market a difficult, but necessary, gamble.

And, they are dozens, if not more, of these markets to try such as different geographic locations, South America, EMEA, Australia, or even distinct metropolitan areas. And this is before you explore other viable uses of your product.

Venturing into greenfield markets is a necessity for growth, but often an obstacle to handle. At OutboundWorks we help our clients implement testing of new markets regularly. With our expedited approach to outbound sales, we get campaigns up and running within a couple of weeks.

More than that, we are able to approach multiple new markets at any given time as our process includes using several data processes that severely speed up ramp time.

Take a few moments to request a demo and one of our sales reps will show you what is possible when approaching greenfield markets with humans and technology working together.