AI Machine Learning and Automation Will Impact Your Business in 2018

7 Ways AI, Machine Learning and Automation Will Impact Your Business in 2018

AI is taking over tasks from human workers and creating new value for businesses by doing tasks human workers could never do. This isn’t something that will happen – it’s been going on for some time. But this year it’s reaching a critical mass as basic automation measures have become widespread, while more advanced AI…

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The Argument for Automation-at-Every-Stage-of-the-Sales-Process

The Argument for Automation at Every Stage of the Sales Process

Some sales activities can’t or shouldn’t be automated. A lot of what salespeople do depends on their human professional judgment, and besides, clients can’t foster relationships with AI enabled bots. Meetings, calls and conversations are person-to-person, whatever the industry, product and account size, and they likely always will be. But other sales activities fit the…

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OutboundWorks Acquires And Adds The Worlds Most Advanced Personalization Technology

SAN FRANCISCO, February 26th, 2017 ( – OutboundWorks, Inc., quickly emerging as THE leader in automated sales development, announced today that it has officially acquired Terms of the deal included a combination of cash and stock and the entire team will come on board with OutboundWorks. Effective outbound sales development depends on relevance,…

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How to validate a market for your next sales funnel

Building a sales funnel costs time and effort. You might be getting contractors in for content creation, or planning to plow significant sums into ads on Google, Facebook or other platforms. To go to all that effort and find you’ve made a funnel that doesn’t perform? It frankly sucks. And it blows all your projected…

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#1 Foundational Skill for Sales Success

Careful – the next sentence is going to be a test. This is an article on sales skills.   Understanding your product is important – foundational even.  Understanding your market is maybe more important. Understanding your buyers is even more important than that.   But, any knowledge you gain, any data you compile, any buyer…

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How To Build Predictable Sales Growth in 2018

Achieving predictable business growth is the key to growing fast. It’s impossible to know how many hires, how many seats of products, and how many square feet of space you’re going to need if you have no idea how many dollars are coming in. The key to achieving predictable business growth is to build a…

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The Guide to Getting Nearly All Your Cold Email Opened

It’s hard to get cold email opened. No-one wants to receive a cold email. Right?  ‘Look, here’s the thing. No matter how hard you work on your subject line, your cold email is an unwelcome party crasher in your recipient’s mailbox. The vast majority of them will never read the email.’ Bob Wharfield, CNCCookbook CEO…

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Want to send human sales messages? You need a robot.

Sending human-sounding emails and other sales messages aren’t best done by robots, obviously. But it’s actually not best done by humans either. Ideally, both are used. There are two parts to winning sales messages: preparation and performance. Muhammad Ali famously observed that he had never won a fight in the ring. Instead, he said, ‘the…

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Stop throwing SDRs at Prospecting. It’s Time to Automate.

The SDR-AE model was created to make sales organizations more predictive. And it worked. Kind of. Sales did get more strategic and data-driven. But the SDR-AE model evolved as a solution that was essentially structured to solve problems the sales organization faced, not problems the customer faced. SDR-AE was ‘designed and built to make the…

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Changes To Make When Prospecting for Account Based Sales

The move to account-based selling means changing the way we prospect. In the past, there was a tendency to contact prospects and then qualify them. Even when they were prequalified, the emphasis would be on the widest funnel, with reps judged by the number of calls or meetings. Account-based selling moves the qualification phase forward…

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