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Account-centric sales development starts with your ideal customer profile and uses account-specific messaging and multi-step, multi-threaded interactions that lead to new opportunities for you.

Quick-Start Outbound
Sales Effort

Mature B2B companies get at least 80% of their revenue from outbound sales efforts. Setting up account-centric outbound sales is a daunting task. Use OutboundWorks to short-cut the trial and error process, reducing both cost and ramp time to outbound revenue.

Data Driven Customer

Utilize our flawless sales execution to discover who your ideal customers are through data-driven testing and analysis. Let us set up appointments with potential buyers and get their direct feedback, taking the guess work out of developing effective messaging.

Discover Greenfield

Validate new markets for your top selling products: Should you expand into EMEA or South America first? Should you move upmarket with your existing offer or do you need to revisit your solution first? OutboundWorks will test it and find out.

Get Noticed By Centralized
Sales Teams

Large companies rely on new products and acquisitions to stay relevant and innovative. But it can be hard to get the attention of a large, centralized sales team when you are competing with hundreds or thousands of other internal products.

29x ROI in Three Months

London-based mid-sized company achieves 29x their investment in outbound with revenue from new business in less than 3 months

100% Above Customer Expectations

100% of our customer accounts are performing above expectations when measured by the quality and quantity of opportunities that come from the OutboundWorks platform

60 New Opportunities Per Quarter

Most customers receive at least 60 warm introductions to qualified decision makers that match their ideal customer profile in a three month period

9x Faster Ramp Time

The OutboundWorks platform starts giving you revenue-producing opportunities an average of 9x faster than ramping up an internal SDR or inside sales team

Case Study

Situation: London-based company with $25M in revenue wanted to "take control of their own destiny" and "go up-market". Most of the revenue had come from inbound leads, personal relationships, and opportunistic deals.

Goal: Create a predictable engine for creating strategic opportunities with the right kinds of customers.

Solution: Travis Wallis, co-founder, created an ideal customer profile and started to use the platform to create a list of target accounts, prioritized by size, location, and the makeup of the customer's executive team.

Then the platform started honing in on the messaging and communication paths that were optimized for the company and the kinds of customers they wanted to reach.

Results: After a brief set-up period, warm introductions and initial consultations began to roll in. In less than three months, the company averaged 8 new meetings per week with qualified business decision makers that matched the ideal customer profile.

81%  Cold email open rate

35%  Cold email response rate

8 New qualified opportunities per week

29x ROI

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